Ashford Borough Council has completed the installation of Housing Support Pro’s Client 360 mobile working software, integrated with its existing Orchard housing management system. 

Delivering all information in real-time, Client 360 includes search facilities, customisable watch lists, calendar and reminder alerts, and pre-designed templates for new tenant sign-up and arrears management. Void, tenant and property surveys are also available via a mobile app. 

The council’s mobile support workers can now operate with greater flexibility, enabling them to spend more time with tenants and less time on administration. Tenant data is collected faster and instantly transmitted to the management team, while housing officers feel empowered by being given more freedom to manage their workload via their mobile device. 

The council can also respond to issues such as fly tipping due to real-time alerts from housing officers on-site. Furthermore, tenant records such as payment history can be instantly recalled via Client 360 to resolve potential disputes. 

John Young, housing property and technology manager, Ashford Borough Council, said, “Client 360 has unlocked the door for us. Other solutions require a very large amount of internal support, which is not the case with this because it’s all hosted and managed by Housing Support Pro. The system has been fantastic – since we introduced it, the solution has worked flawlessly. Its operation is much more efficient and, most importantly, we get to see more tenants that need our help faster.” 

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