The Health Check

The Housing sector is operating in a demanding,competitive environment where expectations are higher than ever.
The sector is responding by modernising the way it does business – with Information technology at the fore of this transformation agenda.
ICT is becoming more critical at a time when external threats and cyber challenges are growing.
The challenge for Boards, Executives and ICT Directors is to ensure that their ICT offer is up-to-date and match fit.


  • A FREE comprehensive ICT review
  • A detailed analysis of your current
    ICT provision
  • A review of your overall ICT skills base


  • TA dashboard showing your weighted score across 14 main ICT areas
  • Compliance report
  • Value Confirmation
  • Value for money indicators
  • Ratio indicators (staff, investment, PC’s, training budget etc.)


  • A grasp of what your competitor’s are planning
  • Market intelligence & procurement planning
  • Direction for your Investment proposals
  • Lessons from other sectors
  • Risk Management and compliance
  • A focus on how you can deliver greater Value for money from your investment
  • Greater assurance for your Executive and Board
  • Assurance at board level
  • Access to sector wide expertise

Let us help you

HSP can offer you a completely independent, on-line A-Z health check scanning 14 key sub-sets of your ICT provision.Let us form part of your transformation, assurance and compliance regime. Our unique on-line approach means you can get your benchmarked results instantly.
An initial score is produced on the day with a follow up workshop to discuss the results and recommendations.
Whilst also offering benchmarking – where we can compare your results against your peer groups.