What is PCI Compliant Contact Centre?

Protecting cardholder data and mitigating business risk

The legislation affecting payment card security is changing. The fines can run into many millions. Company directors face the risk of personal liability and prosecution. Worryingly, recent surveys suggest that only 13% of UK Contact Centres are currently compliant. Organisations currently need to adhere to 354 controls to safeguard sensitive payment card information. Achieving Payment Card Security Compliance (PCI DSS) can take a year or more and cause significant organisational disruption. We can reduce the number of PCI controls in scope by 98% from 354 to 5 and significantly reduce the implementation timescale.

The advantages of PCI De-Scope:

  • Removal of all cardholder data from your environment
  • Reducing PCI controls by 98% – from 354 to just 5 per annum
  • Requires no changes to your payment service provider or telephony set-up
  • Seamless integration to your CRM and other internal systems
  • We don’t change your payment process – we just make it secure
  • Easy to use applications for your customers and agents
  • Fully resilient applications ensuring 100% uptime