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“Housing Support Pro have enabled our neighbourhood team to spend more of their time serving the needs of our customers, becoming more visible, accessible, and effective whilst being mobile.”
Alex Hayes, Head of Neighbourhoods, Equity Housing
“Total visibility is a huge benefit and enables us to improve customer service and interaction with tenants.”
Colin Arnold, Head of ICT, Magenta Living
“Mobile solutions have been previously looked at but have never progressed through the investigation/trialling stage. I wanted something that would integrate well and really benefit those using it, making their job easier and ultimately providing a better service to our customers. Demonstrating this ensured we got buy in from staff who will be using it.”
Dominique Blundell, Head of Tenants & Environmental Services, Magenta Living

Housing Support Pro offers all these services!

  • CLIENT CONNECT is the only Neighbourhood Officer app you will need to organise your work schedules
  • WORKS CONNECT, The business management tool for the trade and service industry
  • IFORMPRO is a paper free solution for all mobile workers
  • IPAY PRO offers a chip and pin payment solution for mobile workers
  • IPROTECTPRO provides staff with the opportunity to check in and out of appointments and raise the alarm if contentious situations occur using nothing more than the business form on their tablet.
  • The INFORMATION WAREHOUSE allows you to analyse the performance of your trust from multiple perspectives including Tenant, Property, Housing Officer, Service or Patch Area.